Because This Is My First Life – Ep 15

Well this was certainly an episode of honest clarification..for everyone except our couple that is.

I’m glad that Ho Rang and Won-seok were able to have such a lovely and loving parting..that was more than I had hoped for. It was much needed for them to both be able to move on..without guilt or sadness…and whether our over eager suitor is meant to be doesn’t really matter. Of course that scene between Suriname and her mom really hit all the emotional notes and was for her the final barrier that kept her’s a long green light for her from now on..I’m happy for her!

Now that we know what happened 12 years ago I’m left scratching my head..I expected MORE! I wanted to learn about what it was that justified those hateful know what HE had done..and I find that he had done nothing except to try to take responsibility…the deed was done by dad and he was as much a victim as fact he became a victim twice..thanks to her. Now this is a good example of the power of words because she obviously had no idea how life changing they were to him.i wonder what his life would have been like if his father hadn’t kicked him out?

I finished the episode sort of irritated with Ji dare she make my SEeHee One of the things I always liked about them was that they were pretty candid in their dialogues and it was so refreshing. Now..she’s been talking to everyone else but HIM about the change in her feelings. And, I know that he’s never said the words but his interest and his actions..especially in the last episodes were so eloquent that I find her sudden behaviour puzzling and irritating..especially because she already knew that the poor guy intended to propose. She’s been patient with him till now hasn’t she? I just found it a little cruel..why couldn’t she have been as honest now as she has been in the past..all he needed was a direct question from her and not those hints  and leading questions.

p.s. I love a drunk SeeHee..

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