Because This Is My First Life 16 (End)

Well, I could just slap this bitch.

I can’t believe the arrogance.  Happily makes a cake and heads out to find Se-Hee after NOT TALKING TO HIM FOR MONTHS to tell him it would be Day 1 of their nEw LoVe rElaTiOnsHiP. I love how she’s so confident that he would still be around waiting for her and that he would want her back after that stunt she pulled.  Man, I wanted him to kick her to the curb so BAD. Hahahaha, I can’t deal with the injustice!

Her ridiculous explanation about why she left didn’t even make any sense. Mongolians burying their dead?  She wanted to check if her love? their relationship?  would turn to bleached bones or not if she discarded it in passing???  I’m sorry, that just sounds deranged.  She might be excited by her pointless psychological exercise, but she dragged the love of her life through a world of unnecessary hurt to do it.  And then smiled when he told her how painful it had been for him.  Was that triumph???  Why yes it was.  It’s a little scary to see how she doesn’t mind hurting him in exchange for getting the verbal reassurance she wants.  Does she even see him as a human being? What exactly does her “love” consist of??  Reminds me of those toxic “I love you, now change!” relationships that never work out.  Girl, I remind you that he was a terse, monosyllabic, tsundere bachelor in the first place when you fell in love with him, who are you expecting him to magically change into??

And then the wholesale rejection of a conventional marriage just so he wouldn’t have to help with the kimchi and she with the memorial rites. Wow.  What other horrors did marriage inflict on them that they suddenly need to find an “alternate” relationship?? I don’t get it. Is cooking and cleaning that horrible?  By not helping the MIL with the memorial service doesn’t that just mean the MIL will have to do it all by herself?? I mean, the ancestor rites aren’t going to be canceled. All these contortions to avoid helping a couple of old ladies (YOUR MOMS,ffs)  out??  Seriously? *clapclapclap* so admirable.

High point of this episode though: Soo Ji riding up cool as hell on that black bike and picking up her man.  Woot!!  That was all kinds of awesome.  CEO Ma was less impressive with his scolding of her ex-boss.  It just felt kind of hollow that he could only tell off the guy now that he’s gotten the investment funding and doesn’t “need” him anymore.  He should have told him off just on principle.  It feels like if he were still fishing for funding, he’d still be toadying up to the guy and letting him talk down to him… so his scolding didn’t feel as satisfying as it should have.

But in the end, this was the only relationship I was rooting for with a whole heart.  The other two were just a mess on many levels, and I just couldn’t fully embrace them.  Ji Ho for being a manipulative bitch, and Ho Rang for being a doormat (seriously? A 20-year plan to ease into marriage?? Because that spineless loser can’t man up? Ugh.)  I see they had a baby in the end there though. One hopes they tied the knot and didn’t have out of wedlock babies just to accommodate his wussiness.

How did y’all feel?



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