Age of Youth, Season 2 is now on Netflix

Both season 1 and 2 are on Netflix, under the title Hello, My Twenties. I’m not sure why they went with this name as opposed to the more widely used original, but I enjoyed the first season so I’m giving season 2 some love and attention.

Thank you, cable stations for being able to talk about things like sex and losing one’s virginity, etc. It makes a nice switcheroo from the cardboard kisses. They’ve made a few casting changes, swapping out the actress who played the maknae in season 2 with a new actress (playing the same role) and it’s not really an issue. Another new character is played by the petite man-boy from Because This Is My First Life. They’ve also introduced a new housemate, a really tall young woman who (it seems) has a female friend with a serious girl crush on her, so there’s a little flirting around with the topic of lesbianism – at one point the original housemates talk about how they feel on the topic (50/50 okay with it/not comfortable with it).

And yes, I’m watching other things too, but I’m happy right now with taking shows in small doses and mixing ’em up, rather than binging all the way through.

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