Started watching “Stranger” (Secret Forest)…

… and so far I have no idea who the stranger is and where’s the forest?

In any case it is interesting so far though I’m not sure why our emotion-challenged hero feels the need to be so rude. It’s like the drama is predicating politeness on the ability to feel something as opposed to a learned social behavior that as an intelligent man he should certainly be aware of.

But our heroine is taking it in stride and not taking offense, which I’m not sure is a step forward or backward for womankind.

Also, so far they’re trying to make the case that the person they were trying to set up for the fixer’s murder was not the sticky-fingered and heartless cable TV repair guy but our hero… and I think the writers have already forgotten he arrived at the house with the dude’s MOM, so like, framing him would have been a little difficult. Just a bit.

At any rate, on to Chapter 3…

EDIT:  I’m now part-way through Ep. 3, and can I just add how annoyed I am at all this chest-beating over the TV guy who killed himself in prison; they keep saying he was an innocent man, an innocent man my ass!  Even if he didn’t kill the guy, he still robbed a guy who was dying in front of him and didn’t call 911, how is he remotely innocent.  Even if the victim was already stone-cold dead, he still robbed his house and would have gone to jail for that.  He was in jail for less time than he would have probably gotten for the robbery when he offed himself, so he still was serving the time that he deserved. There was no miscarriage of justice YET.  Had he served all 22 years of what should have been a 3-year sentence for robbery, then you might have a case. IMO.


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