So I started on Mother

I’ve watched up to episode six and it’s been quite the ride! Since this is a remake of a Japanese drama by the same name you are probably already familiar with the storyline. I wasn’t and I would normally not want to watch a story of a child being abused but I wanted to see Lee Bo-young again so I went ahead.

After I’d watched the first episode I honestly had to force myself to continue. I felt so sad… so unsettled… so cowardly…, but the little girl is just awesome and cute as a button. I just needed to know that she was going to have someone on her side to take her away from her private nightmare.

I think the abusive pair are well cast; the mother who cares more about keeping her boyfriend happy than her own daughter (and this actor is doing a great job of giving me the creeps, he doesn’t say that much and of course the abuse is not shown, only the implications and results, but I don’t really want to see him on screen, especially because he’s evil AND cunning).

Lee Bo-young is doing what she does very well… playing the detached and wounded woman with lots of baggage who, though she tries, cannot turn her face from the child’s suffering and decides to takes her away. Watching all the trials and tribulations that come their way as they attempt to find a solution while evading authorities is awesome. Watching them bond is beautiful. She needs this child as much as the child needs her. As new characters are introduced we can start to get a glimpse of what turned her into this lonely soul while at the same time we have many more questions that we need answers to.

It will definitely be interesting to see how all the pieces come together. It’s defintely not easy to one to watch though not as bad as I anticipated after the first episode… these are the kind of characters who normally would benefit from a good counsellor in real life!!

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