Go Go Waikiki – Final Impressions

You know, sometimes it’s just fine to have a drama that doesn’t have a whole lot of deep plotting in every episode, that makes you laugh at least once per hour, and gives the cast a chance to try something different. That’s why I found that I enjoyed Go Go Waikiki (aka Laughter in Waikiki) whenever I tuned in. Oh, and they had the cutest baby ever in a Korean drama.

I think what I appreciated most about the show were the funny little quirks that they gave each of the ensemble characters; one likes to play tag when she’s drunk, another lives with the consequences of experimenting with a razor when she was a little kid, another has the worst luck in getting cast in acting gigs… and so on.

I wasn’t all that hung up on the love story for the most ‘main’ of the ensemble’s couples – he is just a little too toothy for my taste and she was incredibly bland looking, but even they had their moments. The funniest though is “Chewbacca” – the girl who pays the price for shaving, and her story with the others who help run the guest house.

All in all, this was a lightweight but diverting offering from JTBC, and a nice change from many of their crime-heavy series and just the ticket after heavier dramas.




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