Mike He is Back!

Edited 10/17/2018

It’s not a complete offer yet, but Dramafever had Tree in the River, a story about former grade school classmates now grown up who reconnect (and he has long had a crush on her) and become housemates (he shares his space with her). I watched the first episode to see if Mike still had his devilish charm and to see if the plot held any promise and at first glance, I’d say he’s not the wicked lover we have seen before (Devil Beside You, anyone?), but he is still appealing. His character seems like he’s going to be a naive and inexperienced guy, so I’m not sure how this will pan out.

Gillian Chung is his leading lady – I can’t say much about her because I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything, but she’s neither compelling nor annoying so far (except one point where she started complaining about something and I thought, “shut up already!”) Sonia Sui is in it and that’s kind of a negative for me; I am not crazy about her style, oh, and Jerry Huang had a cameo and boy, he’s changed since The Rose!

Maybe I’ll go back to it when it’s further along than the 4 of 20 available now, but no promises.

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