Yay! I can indulge in some Sawesome and have a Joon swoon!

Viki is now carrying season 2 of Youn’s Kitchen, the reality show where Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, and Jung Yu-mi travel to an exotic location to bring a simple Korean restaurant to an unusual location. This season their maknae is Park Seo-joon 😘 and they are set up on a small coastal town of five thousand on Tenerife (Ola!)

I’ve watched 2 of the 3 available episodes and enjoyed it greatly. Two standout moments? Watching Lee Seo-jin get busted for a misdeed and laughing really hard as Yu-mi and Seo-joon tease him for it is one. The other is watching a Russian woman dining with a male companion and talking (in Russian, perhaps not knowing they’d be translated and subbed later even though there is a notice that they’re filming a TV show) about how handsome Sawesome is. Her companion points out Seo-joon standing behind her as another good looking Korean man and when he walks up to deliver their wine she proceeds to have a Joon Swoon too!

The scenery of the town — Garachico — makes a trip to Tenerife sound very attractive too!

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