My husband OH Jak Do

came across this one on Viki and because it stars Uee I was interested in checking it out. I always enjoy watching her dramas. So far it’s definitely all over the place and it’s easy to get some starts out as that familiar ambitious 30 plus career woman who is feared by her employees and doesn’t care a whit about it..the only fly in the ointment..mainly from others around that she is still SINGLE..and as such we get many examples of challenges faced..the garage wanting to overcharge her for car repairs..the married friend’s husband who doesn’t want his wife hanging around and being influenced by her single friend..not being able to order a meal for one…they hammer the point almost every minute..almost to point where being single is the REASON that a serial killer comes to visit since she has no one to protect her!!!!! It certainly gets annoying but I realize that it is being used as one of the reasons to move the plot along..did I mention that she is also the usual so,e supporter of a leech mother and brother? The thing is that she swings back and forth between superwoman and trembling, vulnerable victim and while I can definitely accept that she can be takes getting used to! Our hero is a rough mountain man who is perfectly happy to live alone u till she comes into the picture..their relationship is definitely based on mutual need and we shall see how they get along. There are the usual cringeworthy kdrama doctors never respecting the lady patients privacy and only blabbing to the male guardians…grr…or job descrimintation because of illness….things that make us grit our teeth over here..but I’m a sucker for contract relationships and slow growth of relationships so I’m staying with it and hoping it settles into a more even tempo..