Evergreen… Last words

I just finished Evergreen and wanted to give some last thoughts. On the whole it was a sweet drama – nothing spectacular but the sort that you can pick up and put down with no problem at all. You just need those kinds of drama sometimes. Thin on plot but strong on mostly well-written and well-acted characters I thought.

In addition to enjoying our main couple together (he’s the best of the CN Blue acting gang that’s for sure), I was also tickled pink by some of the supporting cast. His older brother was entertaining in a quirky way but never boring and what I loved the most was that there was genuine love between the brothers, where there might not necessarily have been in other dramas. Even the rival was likeable!!

Of course there were hiccups, especially during the final episodes. I don’t know what happened there – did the writers take a little break or what?? Still, it wasn’t enough to spoil it for me and I leave the drama satisfied that I hadn’t wasted my time with it – can’t always say that, can we??

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