Mi Ahjussi Episode 2: Carpe Diem

How can you not admire a girl who seizes all the opportunities given to her? Spoilers and more after the jump.

We don’t know how she got to where she is but she obviously is not the type to just give up..at least not while she is responsible for that sweet granny..but she’s obviously intelligent and determined to do whatever she needs to..what I’m not sure of is whether she intended to  take the money back from the loan shark all along or whether it was another opportunity that she seized. Too bad there’s a name on the envelope so Dong Woon isn’t out of the woods yet. Anyway..surprisingly she returned that money. Was it her conscience? Was there other motivation?

So many questions…and then comes her other big break..in this case seizing the phone which was conveniently there for her…that was a bit clumsy of him wasn’t it? If he was going to have two phones you’d think he’d turn the secret one OFF..lol..he even predicted to his lover that it would look odd..and indeed it did. She seems to be in the driver’s seat but can we trust anything that we actually see?

And..our hero has alot to think about too. Ultimately how is he supposed to interpret the fact that she returned the money and got him out of a jam? Will he lean towards his brother’s suggestion as to her motivations?  That’s a far stretch probably but whatever the case his curiosity about her..can we even say a sort of unwilling fascination is definitely evident.

Park is an interesting character too..obviously his agenda is his own but he seems to be an intriguing character that might be fun to watch..I love his intelligence already!!

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