My Ahjussi Episode 3 – Making it Hard

Oh no! She’s making it really hard for me to keep my belief in place that there’s  still hope for her! Spoilers after the break.

I couldn’t believe that she did that..things went a little too unbelievably smoothly though didn’t they? Installing that spy program on his phone so easily (why does no no one in kdramas ever use a password?? Stretches  the imagination and I feel like Ive moved over to watch Mission Impossible..where I never knew what they were up to but couldn’t look away even if I wanted to. And…why did he throw that food out when Granny could have eaten it!

i did think the point about temptation was an interesting one though..his honesty in wondering whether he was really strong and above temption or whether the fact was that he’d  ever been tested enough to find out? Hated the fact that she was listening in..I felt so violated on his behalf..being so exposed and so vulnerable there are indeed troubles ahead and it’s an unfair battleground where so far she has all the advantages..

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