Finito of Mi Ahjussi – General comments

I’m so happy to report that I loved it to the last drop and I wanted a second cup immediately!!! I truly came to enjoy each and every character (well with one or two exceptions), because each one was so well written and so well acted that I couldn’t help myself!!

Of course Mr. Voice always brought a pleasant smile to my lips in the past when I thought of the actor and I enjoyed him in his other dramas like Pasta but here I LOVED him. I thought he finally found a character that he could inhabit – sink his teeth into and make memorable and I won’t soon forget Dong Hoon.

IU was also a great surprise. I was on the fence with her  –though I liked her more than some other actresses who were in her category – but she totally absorbed herself in this character and made it work beautifully. It seems like she also finally found the right package of meaty character and the right leading man to make her shine.

With this calibre of drama I have a huge regret that we weren’t able to watch this together and discuss it episode by episode. There was so much contained within each one and there was so much I wanted to say and share and of course the next episode was the same and I’m left with many thoughts unexpressed! I did see that there were many discussions on the forums and really excellent analysis and mild disagreements too. It was that kind of drama; the best kind that bring out well expressed but different reactions in many of us.

I will wait to see your final comments Robin… I miss it already and it will be nice to visit again!!

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