Mi Ahjussi – Rambling on about it!

Perfect casting we had here..the leads AND all the supporting cast..loved them all. Spoilers after the jump!

At first I had no patience for the brothers at all and was ready to label them as silly fillers but then that changed as their personalities appeared..yes they were a burden to him but at the same time they were the most loyal of brothers and it was so refreshing to see no petty jealousies or backstabbing in order to promote a side story. I LOVED it that our meek and placid hero became a tiger in order to defend his humiliated brother..I LOVED it that the brother just couldn’t allow himself to be happy knowing that his brother wasn’t happy at that moment (though I don’t know if I’d be happy if I was his girlfriend..lol!)..these guys were closer than normal brothers and maybe that’s why his wife always felt like an outsider. I don’t condone her affair..especially because she betrayed him with the person that would hurt him the MOST..and we don’t know what effort she made to fit in or to communicate it with him..it looks like she was always welcomed warmly by his friends but I guess we will never know.

I loved his staunch and supportive office family..with a few exceptions..he could be their boss and their mentor..a nice thing for a frustrated father to have…never will understand why his little boy was sent away to be raised by someone across the world at that early age..makes little sense to me! They ached for him..they laughed with him..they rejoiced with him..for a lonely guy he had SO much support and genuine love around him didn’t he?

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