Mi Ahjussi – More post-finale ramblings

What elevated this drama for me was, of course, the main couple..individually and together they were awesome to watch. Some general spoilers after the jump.

I can’t get over my irritation with the general public who made such a silly fuss and were so outraged about the age gap between our stars. Honestly, I can’t help but think that they put a slight damper on things and kudos to all who triumphed in SPITE of it.

Is this the first drama with such an age gap? Obviously not and I didn’t hear a peep out of anyone when the other dramas were shown so there’s a bit silly just because it’s the man who is so much older rather than the other way around. The director and even the actors themselves made a point of reassuring people that this was not a romance at all. I wonder what was originally in the works?

Anyway..for a couple who was not a romantic couple this was one of the most romantic couples that I’ve ever seen. Their chemistry was just simply awesome. I know that interpretation could go both ways..such clever writing..allowing both camps to believe what they wanted to believe. I was on the fence a few times..sometimes believing that her love and devotion was predictable considering the difference that he was making in her life..as protector..as saviour..as someone who really cared..and of course given the kind of man that he was it was obvious that he had strongly protective feelings towards her..I could be satisfied with that if I had to be..but I always felt that there was just a little more. It was almost as if the writers/director were a little tongue in cheek..officially ruling out a romance and yet giving us romantic vibes that we couldn’t ignore!

I left this drama with the feeling that yes..there was genuine love there..adult to adult..never expressed in words (by him) but oh so very much evident in each and every action..each and every gaze he threw her way..when he ran to her at the end..that was a man in love who was running and not a father or brother..it was simply beautiful to watch..and yet..because he is who he is..he would never admit..much less confess what he truly felt for her..I have hope that in the future..now that she is her own woman without life’s burdens bringing her down..that he can revisit his feelings once more..and perhaps not..he is the kind of man who will be happy just knowing that she is happy. I think it’s a little sad though that he found his soul mate and someone who truly understood him..he could or would not act on it… at the end of the day..though he was now happy and successful in his work..he was still a man alone..without wife or child beside him. He deserves so much more.

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