Hello Singaporean drama!

I was skimming Netflix last night and randomly chose a ‘recommended Asian drama’ called The Dream Job and you know what? I kinda enjoyed the first 2 episodes!

Although the plot is not the same at all, in some ways it reminded me of the great Colombian telenovela Pecados Capitales, but I don’t expect that level of dark humor. In fact, this is more of a ‘birth secrets’ kind of thing, but it starts off with an older millionaire hiring someone to bring together a group to act as his family.

I think it’s 30 episodes, so I’m not sure if it will hold my attention through to the end, but it seemed worthy of a further look so I’ll report back!

UPDATE: Well, I finished it, but it got pretty makjang/telenovela-like towards the end. It wasn’t horrible, but I’d not race to see it.

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