I’m half way through Are You Human Too?

I’m enjoying it more than I expected to! It’s not that switched identities haven’t been seen before of course but it’s just that I’ll bet we never had a robot doing the replacing and doing it sooo well. 😁 I’m kind of lukewarm about this actor but he’s doing a good job of turning a walking computer into an endearing human (though I have to roll my eyes at how quickly he’s learning!)

I also think it’s so cute that the heroine hates the human man but finds the robot so sweet – and so do I.

I’m ignoring the usual struggle for power and ownership that is the umbrella of this plotline – that’s definitely old – but I enjoy the interactions that this robot has with mostly everyone and that’s a good thing, only I don’t know where it’s going and can’t really figure out a realistic ending, so there probably won’t be one that I’ll be happy with. Meanwhile, I will enjoy it till the end… hopefully!!

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