Took in Crazy Rich Asians

I know that there’s a lot of press about how great it is that a mainstream movie is headlined by an Asian cast and how it’s doing boffo box office business, but I think that the most important thing not being said is that there are a lot of people who want to go see movies that don’t feature shoot-em-ups and explosions. (Except of the temper tantrum variety)

This movie is not about deep thoughts, or even great acting (it’s serviceable); it’s about spending time with pretty people in pretty locations wearing pretty clothes and leaving with a probably HEA ending. And that works.

I’ve read books 1 and 2 (China Rich Girlfriend is going to be a challenge to make into the sequel as mainland China’s not all that keen on airing the dirty linen lifestyles of the Uber-rich new billionaires and might not want to allow filming there), and if you have too you’ll see a number of differences, mostly having to do with shifting timelines and plot lines being omitted. But I’m not gonna lie — I just sat back and wished I was on a Singapore vacation!