I started up on What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – First impressions

Aaahh…. so nice to sit back and enjoy. I’ve seen the first four episodes and have absolutely enjoyed them. This guy… well, what can you say? He’s got such great presence on screen and he’s gifted us with at least TWO shower scenes so far! LOL, I love watching him preen at his own image in the mirror and smile so smugly when he thinks people are reacting to his perfection. I mean really, what’s not to love? Great chemistry with his co-star – this girl has been very lucky so far, starring with a few hunks along the way. I’m still jealous that she got my Healer (hehe) but they play really well off each other and that’s what counts.

As you probably know the plot revolves around their relationship (past and present). She has been his PERFECT secretary for nine years, is a combination of a secretary, valet, butler, social partner at events – you name it – she’s there for him. The poor girl barely sleeps and now she’s decided that she wants a normal life before she gets too much older. Well, can you imagine his shock and dismay! But being the creative genius that he is he implements Plan A to try to change her mind. You can imagine what happens next! But I love those moments of awakening when both of them suddenly see something with different eyes. I love the awkwardness that has crept into their relationship – granted after four episodes I find I can predict the moments to come and my one quibble is that it’s maybe happening too fast? I mean to go from 9 years of this type of relationship to the human one in just a few days seems to be a bit of a rush. I would have preferred if they had taken a bit more time with the growth of the new relationship because as you know for me it’s all about the journey. I never want them to get there too fast.

No doubt there will be mishaps and misunderstandings along the way and we will probably discover that the feelings were there all along, only unrecognized, OF COURSE!!! But still with 12 more episodes to go please take your time… Meanwhile I’ll look forward to more shower scenes and sweet indulgent smiles.

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