What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Nothing. Eps 1-4

I’m starting a new thread because I wanted to include spoilers in my comments. You know the drill, spoilers after the jump!

We’ve already dished on how yummy Park Seo-joon is and how Park Min-young is his perfect foil, but let’s talk about his home and office and her jewelry! (Okay, this does not sound exactly like spoiler talk, but I’m easing into it gently.)

I was reminded very much of the home Hyun Bin lived in during Secret Garden – could it be the same building but from different angles? How very isolated he looks in it… But it seemed perfect for a man who was apparently kidnapped as a child – it even comes with a “moat”! All that glass puts him on display, but more so it lets him see who is approaching; no surprises. Then contrast that with the office building; those modernistic “eyebrow window” curves intermittently breaking up the horizontal lines look like someone is lifting the window blinds to peek out at whoever may be “out there” and a danger. Brilliant location casting!

You could even go so far as to say that his perfect wardrobe of mostly 3-piece suits are a form of armor and control… but are they also constraints? Does the man feel the need to be bound tightly by his clothes? (And I don’t mean that in a kinky way. 😏 I wish!) More along the lines of swaddling clothes, in the way the tight binding reassures an infant.

I also started thinking about his outrageous ego and seeming cluelessness to the needs of others. These seem much more like devices intended to keep people away most of the time, but yet we have seen him have bonded with others, such as his buddy, President Park. I’m enjoying the psychology of the character.

As for his secretary… I love how she’s as controlled and obsessed with perfection as he is, and it’s not just because she has to be that way to keep up with him and do her job. I think that she’s learned from him that the best way to keep the bogeyman and spiders away is to keep things Organized with a capital O. I do love her wardrobe (which she mentions at one point that he directed – interesting), but especially her earrings. I’ll have to look to see if they were sponsored – maybe by J.estina? They are so perfectly delicate and tasteful. I covet.

I see what you mean, Camelia, by them telegraphing things with the story – he is her long lost ‘oppa’ who was kidnapped and they share a childhood bond of some sort, right? – and yeah, he’s learned that having her so close and making his life so effortless is more than just convenience. She’s beautiful and she brings him comfort and oh yeah, makes his heart race a bit too! But in spite of this, I’m not minding it too much, though it seems like we’re heading into sturm-und-drang territory right away with the introduction of the brother (older, for a change) with whom he has Issues. Will the fun fall apart? Time will tell, but even if it does I still can SJS to my heart’s content!

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