What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Eps 7-8

I really enjoyed these episodes – alot of fun and alot of lightness. I’m loving these zany side characters so much – which is not always the case. I don’t feel that I have to endure them but I can go ahead and enjoy them instead.

Also, I’ve been meaning to say that for the very first time I’m also enjoying the – what do you call it – “sound” accompaniment to the scenes, even the small little extra blinking is endearing. I’m actually surprised at myself because that’s one of the reasons that I haven’t watched the Taiwanese dramas for a while. I can’t abide those over the top sounds that come with the characters – it’s a total turnoff for me but I think it’s because they go overboard and it’s too much in your face whereas here, though it’s obviously there, it’s ‘more subtle and it complements the dialogue rather than overpowers it. Mild spoiler follows.

Though, having said that I find it hard to believe that, according to the flashbacks, he gallantly accompanied her home like nothing had happened. Huh??? Where were the families? Where was the police? Huh??? This wasn’t a nice afternoon walk around the park, this was supposed to be a KIDnapping for heaven’s sake. LOL! Hmmm…I have to think that it’s her childish recollections which are at fault…

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