What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? – Ep. 10 LOVED the Cameo!!!

Just finished Ep 10 and totally enjoyed it, especially the unexpected surprise at seeing… spoilers after the jump!

Lee Minki and partner… What a treat (though they could have tried to age her a teeny bit don’t you think?) Definitely did not look like a mother of three… lol… I wish that I could have seen more of them.

But, back to our boy… What is there not to LOVE? The way he tried his best to get her family’s approval because he knew how important it was to her – now this is what I call showing your love. I particularly swoon over watching his face as he takes such pleasure in doing something for her and making her smile – of course, did anyone NOT expect that he would show up on Jebu Island??

I can’t wait to hear why the parents have kept this horrible secret alive all these years… It had better be good or I will be very disappointed.

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