Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food: Overall thoughts

Where do I begin??? LOL

Full disclosure, I started watching this one with an automatic predisposition to dislike Jung Hae In, and this of course was totally unfair, I know, but he has such a strong resemblance to Park Shi Hoo that I couldn’t shake the feeling. You know that I was never a fan before but since his scandal even more so. I can’t watch any of his dramas without thinking of his taking advantage of a drunken girl, and I’m surprised that he’s doing so well right now, considering how huge and unpleasant the scandal was but these are different times I guess… Careers have been ruined for less. Anyway, everyone deserves a second chance, but I just can’t make myself give it. I’m terrible I admit! Maybe one day I’ll get over it.

Back to my review. So it is with pleasure that I say that Jung Hae In definitely grew on me and I really enjoyed his performance and I’m happy about that. Having said that, though I think they had good chemistry, I just never saw them as a real couple for some reason. Even when they were frolicking around (and boy does this director enjoy concentrating on that!!) I felt at times that there was too much inequality for them to qualify as such and it impacted on my enjoyment. Was it their supposed age gap? Was it their past relationship? Maybe a bit of both.

It was a drama of highs and lows, and the more it progressed the more it sunk and the ending episodes were a bit of a challenge (ironically they were much longer than the rest!!) For me it ended on a disappointing note and I think the writers definitely dropped the ball on this. This drama presented us with a number of issues and there was scope to address them. Some, like the workplace issues, did reach a realistic resolution but other just as important issues were left unresolved.

There were a few instances where I felt really angry at the heroine’s behaviour too which didn’t help at all, though it made her very human as well so I will give her some credit. I suppose you could say that at least I wasn’t bored, LOL, but I was frustrated and is that any better?

I fell in love with one of the side characters (who played his sister) and thought she was very well written and portrayed and could have taught a thing or two to our girl. Overall I don’t regret watching it because I’m pleased I had a chance to get to appreciate this actor but I just wish he was given a better story!

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