A few more Dramafever details

Here’s another article from Variety on the recent debacle. One bit I found interesting was this:

“Kunhee Park, CEO of KCP, said he expected DramaFever to make some kind of change in its business given its aggressive spending on programming rights. But he said he expected Warner Bros. to try to sell DramaFever rather than kill it off. “They spent a lot money in the market, in the Korean production ecosystem, to acquire content,” Park said. KCP had approached DramaFever about bundling Kocowa with the service, “but they were not interested in a nonexclusive approach.””

Sigh… I’m not bitter… (much)

Also, I got a response from Dramafever re: my initial confusion as to why I’d been told that I had canceled my subscription (instead of the other way around). It stated much the same stuff as was posted on their website; no news of any significance. The kicker though was the follow up email to that response — a survey asking how well they did and if I was satisfied! 🤣 😢 😜