Finished Familiar Wife – Final thoughts

I have a warm feeling and a warm smile on my face. It’s just that kind of drama – it’s my favorite kind really; the focus on characters and relationships instead of action shots and endless fights and silly over-the-top characters. Yes, there were questions never answered, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment at all.

I actively disliked our hero at the beginning, and of course, I was meant to. It’s not because he was evil, or mean, or mean-spirited. He was a good guy but a terrible husband and I enjoyed watching him evolve into a model one.

Our heroine had some things to learn as well and together they grew and showed us how it could be… how it was meant to be. I really thought this actress did a super job. In the past, she seems to have had similar roles with little scope but here she was able to really be creative in her portrayal of this woman. She totally won me over as a very unhappy, frustrated and angry wife but I also totally believed the girl she used to be as well.

One of the great things was that each character had value and I became fond of them at whatever stage they happened to be in, and kudos for all the bromances going on… so sweet! I loved that we came full circle, and we were left wanting more. Thumbs UP for this one! I feel that it was time well spent.

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