First Take: Feel Good to Die

Now that I’ve plunked down money for #KOCOWA, I’ve been sucked into watching on-air dramas, like Matrimonial Chaos (thumbs way up so far), and what better way to scratch my Kang Ji-hwan itch than to check out Feel Good to Die. I was a little hesitant because I’d seen on SMS that he looked ridiculous and I was not having any of that nonsense, but I’d seen a preview in which he’s roaring at his direct report, played by Baek Jin-hee (who I also like as a female lead) and not only did he look FINE, but he was hilarious, especially the way he used his voice to exaggerate his tone. There was this particular “trill” that had me LMAO.

The premise revolves around the workplace shenanigans of a mid-size chaebol business, where Kang Ji-hwan is a righteous prig of a manager (the marketing department) and he annoys the Hades out of his staff with his correctness and nitpicky ways. Baek Jin-hee is one of his team and she’s trying to stay under the radar and just survive daily, but he manages to push her anger levels too high by insulting a heavily pregnant teammate that she wishes he’d just die. And he does, spectacularly, again and again. She’s caught in a time loop, of sorts, and until she can get him to do things better it’s “shampoo, rinse, repeat.”

Based on the article referenced earlier on workplace conditions, the things he says to the pregnant worker is probably one of the least egregious examples of poor management, but it IS one of the lessons he’s got to learn (I think).

Four hours in and I’m enjoying it. He may be playing a prig, but he’s a fine-looking one at that (how can he be 41?) and he’s having fun with the comedic aspects of his role. I think that there will be a change in his demeanor in the episodes to come that will be even more gratifying – or at least I hope so!

Is this drama also a romance? I don’t know if Baek Jin-hee will find true love with him or not, but they’ve introduced Gong Myung (who was so charming in Drinking Solo) as the grandson of the CEO who finds her fascinating. He’s already stated his interest so he’s probably doomed to SLS already, or should I say, once again. He’s cute, but he’s no Kang Ji-hwan!

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