Hwayugi – Final Impressions

Don’t know if you’ve finished Robin, so I’ll just keep them (my opinions) general.

I’m not sorry to see the drama go, but I will be very sorry to say goodbye to the characters that’s for sure. Truthfully it was never the plotline that was my reason for watching and as time wore on I paid less and less attention to it, so in the end, it was a non-issue for me (thank goodness!)

I do love dramas, though, where the side characters are just as important and entertaining as the main ones and I thought this was the case here. Aside from our main couple there were such cute relationships throughout. The bromance was fun — as they all are in the end.

While I doubt that this drama will remain in my memory for very long, I will definitely have a lingering smile for the characters and monkeys and bulls and loyal dogs from now on… so it’s not such a bad thing after all I suppose!

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