Hana Nochi Hare…why???

I dunno why I tuned in to this mess. I knew it was gonna be bad before I even started, and yet… I guess I was hoping for a bit of the old magic.  Nope. Totally MIA.

First of all, our heroine was a rich princess up until six months ago when her Dad lost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. So she and her mother are living in a one-room hovel and subsisting on eggs, rice and bean sprouts, and her Dad signed on as a sailor on a fishing vessel to make money (OK, this part alone is hilarious, I mean, what educated former CEO of his own beauty supply conglomerate cant even find a white collar job after his company goes bankrupt? Does he have no friends or acquaintances at all? No familiarity with at-home investing? No subsidiaries he could work for?

Secondly, the only thing the family has going for them is that our heroine is engaged to a super-rich guy, but she can only marry him if she graduates from Eitoku, our F4 high school. Sadly for her, Eitoku doesn’t want any poor people at the school so the new C5, headed by our hero, is in charge of “peasant hunting” and kicking out the riff-raff!

Let me just point out here, that the kids are engaged because the families were “best friends” but somehow after the bankruptcy they couldn’t even lend their good friends some money so they wouldn’t have to stay in a one-room hovel, or let them move in to their palatial home. Instead they send over a set of high-class designer clothes once a month to the girl so she can go out on their designated fiance date without embarrassing them.

But here’s the part that REALLY gets my goat. LOL. So our hero finds out our girl is poor and hiding it, however she discovers some embarrassing dirt on him and has him over a barrel, so he’s keeping her secret.   But in order to remove the threat hanging over him, he decides to try to romance her so she won’t tell on him. In the process of trying to romance her, he’s showing off all of his excessive wealth and riches to impress her while snidely observing her peasant status. DUDE, SHE WAS FILTHY RICH JUST SIX MONTHS AGO!!!

This drama never once acknowledges the fact that the girl is more rich than poor.  She’s a rich girl without money, NOT a poor girl!!  WTF am I the only person in this drama who remembers this????  Arghhh. So annoying!! they’re trying for the same rich-poor dynamic as HYD but c’mon ‘all your set-up is NOT the same!

Also, our heroine’s fiance is a complete prince, wonderful in every way, good heart, good natured, intelligent, caring, sweet, loving…and our hero is a complete loser: arrogant, offensive, cowardly, dismissive, selfish, jealous.  WHY is this the guy she falls for????  grits my teeth…

Anyway, I make no promises about finishing this drama, but for now it is keeping my blood pressure up just railing at it. Jaysus, help me.



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