Started up on The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

I’m only into episode two and I’m finding the sweet Seo Inguk REALLY creepy so far – as I’m meant to I suppose.

The whole drama has a really dark vibe too, but it’s refreshing as well to try to figure out if he’s good or bad… I love those kinds of characters!! I think he’s got pretty good chemistry with Jung So-min too. She seems to really interact well with most of her costars doesn’t she?

It’s the kind of drama where you start questioning the meaning behind each piece of dialogue, each look, each smile. It can definitely be hard to watch a character scamming another, if not stealing their money, then stealing their trust and certainly their innocence. After only two episodes it seems that we have examples of all of this and obviously much more to come. But (for instance) this is how affected I was; there was a scene where a little kitten arrives and our hero picks it up and my heart is pounding because I can’t be sure if he really likes the sweet little thing or if he’s going to bash it against a wall any second. LOL

Obviously I need to keep watching till I get all my answers. I like the fact that the actor can stretch himself and play something totally different – good for him!

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