Robin’s 2018 in Review

I didn’t watch as many dramas as I have in some years (curse you, demon overlords who killed Dramafever), but I am so glad that I managed to finish a few in time before the axe so unexpectedly fell, particularly My Ahjussi as it was one of my year’s favorites. Dark and realistic, the ensemble cast delivered something poignant and touching, without ever straying into unsuitable relationships territory. Another tale of unhappy people finding happiness that hit the right chord with me was Just Between Lovers. Kim Junho (who we’ll miss while he’s off doing his national service) has demonstrated that he’s more than promising as a young actor.

I also mightily enjoyed (even if a good chunk of it was fan-service) What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? because a) I’m a sucker for indulgent romance and b) I have a thing for Park Seo-joon and him romancing anyone is a treat to be seen. Also in the sweet, sweet love category is Thirty but Seventeen Again, which would make a favorite’s list purely on the strength of teenager-in-love Ahn Hyo-seop’s pure smile and tender heart,  but also had a thoughtful, what if/what is romance with two charming performances by Shin Hye-sun and Yang Se-jong.

But fairytale romances aren’t everything; there are so many enjoyable, frustrating, surprising, and heartwarming moments in Matrimonial Chaos that I couldn’t possible name them all. The series featured fresh plots, several contemporary angles on relationships and friendship, and a talented cast, anchored by Bae Doona. This is one I’ll enjoy revisiting multiple times in the years to come (provided some other evil internet overlords don’t ruin that for us too).

For a look at the other drama I’ve watched this year, check out my My 2018 Viewing List.

Disappointing – 🍄
Passable, not special – No hearts
Better than average – ❤️
Pretty darn good – ❤️❤️
Good cast, good script, all gels – ❤️❤️❤️
Exceptional – ❤️❤️❤️❤️