Half-way through Love Alert and sadly…

I must report that it’s a huge disappointment. I hate to say that since I was really looking forward to watching Yoon Eun-hye and Chun Jung-myung. I like them both very much individually and I won’t say that they don’t have chemistry – I think that they do, though not the sizzling kind! But this show is suffering terribly from a horrible writing and storyline and really bad cardboard characters – and the usual cliches.

It started out with promise, and I’ve become fond of her character but she has literally NOTHING to do. The last two episodes was like watching paint dry as literally nothing happened. I started rolling my eyes when the whole reason for their contract relationship (no spoiler) was that her popularity as an actress plummeted just because she got jilted. Huh??? Pretty flimsy and ridiculous reason for suddenly losing acting jobs. LOL

Anyhow, I’m seriously thinking of dropping this – not a good way to start 2019 but I can’t recommend it at all. Don’t waste your time, unless you really like watching them on screen and don’t care about anything else!!

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