Picked up Ms. Ma, Nemesis again

I’d screened the first half-hour episode last year when it first became available because I was curious to see how it would be an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple stories. While I was interested in the basic storyline, I could see no resemblance to the old maid senior citizen village detective Jane Marple during those 30 minutes, so I back-burnered the series. I returned to it this week as I was looking for a break in my Nirvana in Fire 2 viewing and I can just about see a glimmer of Miss Marple-ization in the plot after 4 hours more in my viewing. Evidence: Ma Ji-won is kinda like Marple, Jane, she involves herself in local mysteries in her hideaway perfect village (while on the lam from the law), and she knits.

However, that’s about it. We are treated to Kim Yoon-jin wearing smart specs and a snappy sunshade visor (is it wrong of me to say that I’d kind of like one for myself?) as she looks to clear her name and get revenge on those who murdered her child and set her up for the fall. She has her own personal Inspector Javert in the form of Jung Woong-in as the detective who originally investigated her case, and one scheming witch of a prosecutor (I almost expect to see her storming around in stiletto-heeled boots snapping around a riding crop) who put her away.

So far it’s mildly entertaining, and my favorite character is the misunderstood gangster, Mal-goo, played by new-to-me Choi Kwang-je. I’ll keep up with it and see where it all plays out.

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