Hello Chingus!

Happy New Year to you all! Life has been super busy, and I’ve finally been able to “catch my breath!” I haven’t seen a drama in forever, mainly due to time constraints, and, well, life, lol, but I just felt like losing myself in something, so I’m currently watching “Boyfriend” with Song Hye Gyo and Park Bo Gum.

First impression is that he looks REALLY young! It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around him and her, even though they’ve already had some very cute moments and the chemistry is building. Song’s character is the chaebol, and she plays an ice princess pretty well. Park is a happy-go-lucky fruit vendor’s son who lands a job at her hotel after first meeting her in Cuba where he was vacationing and she was there for work. Now, reunited in Korea, their relationship is in the exploration phase. Of course it wouldn’t be a drama without her ex and his mother’s high handed interference, or her mother, who she has a very strained, tenuous relationship with.

The scenes in Cuba were beautiful, but it still amazes me that Korean movie- drama makers haven’t been able to bridge that “English” gap. The scenes with supposedly English speaking actors still come off as less than genuine, even after all the dramas I’ve watched in the past. But what they do best, even now, is the way that they build a genuine relationship between a man and woman. I love the sweetness, shyness, uncertainty, respect, and loyalty the couples give to one another. They’ve mastered honest, human emotion with a simple look, and I LOVE it!

So far so good, and I really hope it continues this way. And even if it doesn’t, I’m sure one will catch my fancy and give me that nostalgic feeling that hooked me in the first place! Hope you all are well, and life is better than ever!

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