Finished “While You Were Sleeping”

I give it a thumbs up for super cute and fluffy. And extra points for not leaving any loose ends. Though the plot was pretty shallow, at least it followed its own rules, dotted its own i’s and crossed its own t’s, so I appreciate that.  I laughed, I cried, I cooed and sneered. Checked all the boxes, really. A successful Kdrama! And Lee Jong Suk is freaking ADORABLE! As always! Such a big baby!

I really enjoyed the twist midway through the drama when a negligible side character suddenly took center stage, not only was it surprising but it added a lot of pathos towards the end when the “romance” was flagging a bit.  They were already in love and dating and being cute, which is normally when I tune out, but fortunately I was hooked by this other element.  Such fine acting, too, from this person. I was sorry I overlooked them so much in the earlier eps.

My one quibble was that our heroine’s supernatural dreams, which encompassed all sorts of events and strangers now seemed to have focused almost entirely on her group of friends. She used to have an entire window full of sticky notes, and by the end she had just three, all from the same crew. Otherwise I liked the supporting characters, all the coworkers of our three protagonists, and their family members, and I even liked the villain, who has that smug face you just love to hate. I liked that they made him a bad guy who nonetheless had a conscience, and suffered for it.  Coldblooded psychopaths are so much more boring.

So yeah!  That makes three dramas in 2019, just in January! I’m on a roll!!!!

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