Moved on to Memories of the Alhambra

Well… Spain is one of my favorite countries, so obviously I was tantalized by the setting. It does not disappoint – what a pleasure it is to see the streets of Barcelona and then move on to Granada!! I literally feel like I’m walking beside them – amazing!!

A pleasure to see Hyun Bin again – missed seeing him on screen – the man never seems to age. Though he’s got that gorgeous mature look I love… The youngsters are nice and all, but they still need alot of! Park Shin Hye so far really hasn’t brought anything new to the screen. It feels like she is rehashing her previous roles here..beautiful, good hearted but totally naive and not too swift if you know what I mean!!

If you’re not already familiar with it, he plays this rich investor who is trying to track down a mysterious developer of an augmented reality game and hoping to take ownership of it and all the money that will come his way… I’m not a gaming fan so I feel that sometimes the game overtakes the plot (though the fight scenes are really well done and HB gets a chance to shine with his fencing expertise)  I would prefer to see more of the human interactions rather than interactions of the other kind. No doubt that will change as time goes on and the plot literally thickens. It already looks promising by the end of Ep 3.

Since this is written by the same person who wrote Nine (which I loved) and Queen In-Hyun’s Man (which I also loved) I know that I will at least be well entertained..though I reckon I probably won’t understand half of what is really going on in fantasy land..I really don’t need to while I”m enjoying it. I’ll just go with the flow…

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