Halfway through Memories of the Alhambra

Well… I might not understand the mechanics of this reality game but I definitely understand the emotions it’s causing. This is a world that I would definitely NOT want any part of!

Our hero is stuck in this nightmare world which he had no idea he had entered at the beginning. Hyun Bin is doing an excellent job of expressing his horror, fear, guilt, hopelessness, and, inevitably, underlying charm!! What started out as a great opportunity has turned into a fight for survival and it’s a lonely world which he is not able to share.

I do like the fact that our girl is providing that lifeline for him, though she has no idea how important that is at the moment. I like the way he softens when he’s with her. For now it’s not a sizzling relationship but I do believe that it can grow into one with time. I hope that they focus more on this relationship as time goes on since I’m not here for the game.

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