Also watched the 1st episode of Tower of Babel

Y’all know I like Park Shi-hoo, fallen star and all. I’m still mad at him tho.

This drama has all those mystery ingredients including murder, wicked chaebols, cheating husbands and wives, revenge, long suffering women, weak and cowardly men, and downright unscrupulous intentions. Park Shi-hoo also happens to be a prosecutor in this one, out to avenge the mysterious death of his father when he was young. Not a surprise that it may have something to do with this wicked chaebol family, although I find the daughter pretty admirable so far. She seems to be into Park Shi-hoo’s character, but he’s not into her, and the end of the episode tells us why. But in his defense, it could also have to do with his suspicions regarding his dad’s death and this particular family. He’s kinda cocky, and pretty angry and determined, traits I am usually drawn to. But it’s the character played by Kim Ji-hoon that I’m drawn to even more! He’s totally evil and obviously cruel in such an overt but undertoned kind of way. But darn is he fine! I can look at him all day long! Lol!

Don’t know if I’ll stick with this one or not… still being disappointed in Park Shi-hoo…

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