Pretty Proofreader is solid entertainment

I’m on a roll here, two Japanese dramas that have entertained me start-to-finish this year, and it’s only February! Can we finally be seeing a payoff to the Viki acquisition by Rakuten?

Though I’ve yet to see the special “movie” epilogue to Pretty Proofreader (waiting on the subs), this short and breezy (10 regular episodes) piece from Nippon TV (like Caution, Hazardous Wife!) was a fun commentary on fashion and yes, professional proofreading! Having spent many hours myself proofing pieces for work, it was an unusual topic for a drama, but they had a good time with it and managed to make a few points about how many unsung professions make our lives a little smoother, and possibly safer.

More after the break (no spoilers)

The heroine, Etsuko Kono (whose name, when shortened, translates to proofreader), dreams of working for a fashion magazine but gets offered a position as a proofreader at a publishing house that handles books as well as her bible, “Lassy.” She is helped to see this as a stepping stone to her goal by the department manager who enjoys her enthusiasm and attention to detail. Every episode we’re treated to multiple ensembles she’s curated, and the color and zest she brings to her new workplace. She also brings a different way of performing her tasks.

She’s very straightforward, moved by the beautiful things in life, so it’s no wonder that she sees a handsome young man and falls for him, literally and romantically. He does likewise, and supports her efforts when their paths cross professionally.

The actress who plays “Et-chan,” Satomi Ishihara, is so pretty and delicate that you would expect her to speak like a tender miss — wrong! She’s outspoken and loud, but it’s a refreshing change of pace to hear a young female speak her mind so clearly and forcefully. Her swain is laid back and considerate, so they are really cute together.

It’s not Shakespeare, nor high romance, but it’s fun and different, and best of all, short!

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