Started “Lawless Lawyer”

But I’m not sure whether I will stick it out. The first ep had so many turn-offs:

  • Pipe-wielding thugs. Eye roll.
  • Store bashing loan sharks. Eye roll.
  • Crooked cops on the take. Eye roll.
  • A coldblooded murder in front of the victim’s kid. Eye roll.
  • A vow of revenge by said kid. Eye roll.
  • Perpetually smirking slimy lawyer. OK, the eye roll was a little bit of an eye rawrr there because its Lee Joongi, but still…


He’s skinny as hell in this drama. I think he’s bordering on anorexic. It just doesn’t look very healthy on him. Though his eyes are still so so pretty.

So, what stopped me from just ditching this drama right off the bat? The lawyer heroine. I’ve never seen this actress before, but when she hauled off and punched a sexist bastard judge right in his smug face when he sentenced a battered wife to 20 years for killing her abusive husband instead of saying thank you after he shattered her ribs, I sat up and said “boo-yah!!” She seems just my kind of take-no-prisoners kind of gal!

By the end of the first ep, she’s been fired, law license suspended, returned to her hometown with her tail between her legs and ended up in jail there for slugging her father’s loan shark (Joongi), and sorry, she’s STILL NOT SORRY. I’m hanging in there to see what this badass does next! Joongi has just hired her to be his “office manager” as a way to pay off her father’s debt, and he seems quite thrilled with her surliness and bad temper. In fact, I get the feeling he is targeting her on purpose, but I don’t know why yet, so it’s intriguing me. For now.

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