Still on my Japanese drama kick…

Even though I’m working my way (albeit slowly) through other dramas (Memories of the Alhambra, are your ears burning?), I find myself checking out more of the Nippon TV offerings on Viki, namely Kahogo no Kahoko or Overprotected Kahoko and Ima kara Anata wo kyo haku shimasu or May I Blackmail You?

More after the break (no spoilers)

The first one reminds me so much of a the Ariel Lin/Joe Cheng version of ISWAK with the connection between the lead couple. She’s naive and sheltered and sincere, everything he’s not, but so far I really like their chemistry. We could also call this “Kahoko learns to live without helicopter parents,” and that would strike a chord with many. I really like Takeuchi Ryoma as the young male lead; he’s very natural and appealing.

And of course I’m watching the second one because Dean Fujioka is so pretty.

The plot’s a little silly; he’s a blackmailer who works for people who want some sort of retribution for a wrong. She’s a college kid who is mistaken for one of his targets. Together they end up resolving some wrongs.

But another reason I’m enjoying it is for the guy who plays one of Dean’s team, the thief. He looks like the shorter, little more homely, and older version of Park Seo-jun! He’s just kinda cute in his own way 🙂

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