Hymn of Death – Series

Don’t ask me why but I watched this last week. It was only three episodes which is probably why I considered it. Normally I would never watch a drama where I know the ending. My spoiler phobia won’t let me — 😆 — and I think everyone knows the ending and just in case, the title speaks for itself.

In spite of that I found myself clicking the play button. I don’t regret it at all. I thought that the leads had really nice chemistry. The clothing was amazing. The beginning even had moments of lightness which I wasn’t expecting but all that doesn’t impact on that feeling of doom that we can’t avoid.

I don’t know how much this story really reflects the true story of the real people but I think it was a really good production – very well done and our hero still has one of the sweetest smiles around!! I seem to be on a roll lately regarding the harshness of Japanese rule in Korea… hmmm…

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