May I Blackmail You? – Series Impressions

While maybe not as compelling as my other recent ventures into the J-dorama pool from Nippon TV, this tale of a blackmailer who (generally) helps victims get even with their oppressors is worth a look, and not just to admire Dean Fujioka’s impressive dark eyelashes and anime hero good looks.

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Takei Emi is the young college student with an incredibly rich and shadowy grandfather (from whom she’s estranged) who accidentally comes under his radar and once she learns of his profession does everything she can to try and keep others from his blackmailing schemes, though her interference is generally an obstacle for him trying to get done what needs doing. Mostly she does this by trying to provide money to the blackmail target, though often that’s of little use.

There is a sad story in his past and a crime that needs solving, and it’s part of the undercurrent to the tale. It explains his reaction to to her, and how any criticism from her seems to hurt more than it should, given that he’s a mature young man (about 30ish) and she’s just a college kid. But for the majority of the drama he and she and his gang do their best to get things done. You could do worse than to watch it for some (mostly) light entertainment. It’s a likeable cast and the setting in Yokohama makes for a nice change of pace. These Nippon TV dramas are doing a good job of showing more contemporary elements mixed in with the fantasy. I look forward to my next Nippon TV show.

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