So while waiting…

While waiting for the next episode of Touch your Heart to upload, I found that I just can’t do Tower of Babel (too much MELO!). So I happened upon Devilish Joy, and for the life of me, I don’t know why I want to continue watching this drama?

To be fair, the positives for me include some very funny moments, some slapstick, a somewhat appealing hero and heroine—-so far, and a storyline that’s not so horrible even if it does truly read like a telenovela. Also, I’m not used to instantaneous relationships in Kdramas, where in a 1/2 day’s time, they’re already half in love. (I like, and am used to, the protags slow build up and realizing their feelings for one another somewhere between the 6th and 8th episode, lol).

The negatives for me is not completely the amnesia storyline or the riches to rags heroine storyline, but in how they will successfully play out such an overused theme on both counts. At least when they met, they were both on a somewhat level playing field where she was a popular singer with her own money. But even that can never trump the chaebol types.

So here we are, him with losing his memory every 24 hrs, and her, poor as dirt getting by on making internet videos and being made a fool of. He’s still rich and handsome, yet there is a deep sadness and anger that emanates from him. She’s untypically cheery despite her current circumstance, so I guess that speaks for her character.

Funny, but I find the flow of Kdramas changing quite a bit as I watch these newer dramas… not sure how I feel about that…