Last Empress… Last words…

So, it was kind of like that merry-go-round where you’re just itching to get on that rocking horse but then when you do, you enjoy the first few rounds and then you start getting dizzy and you just can’t wait for the ride to end!! Well, I will confess, I didn’t wait for the ride to end, I jumped off, LOL!

I needed to get away from the circus and back to sanity, but hey, I lasted for 30 episodes, so I didn’t abandon ship right away! I was reminded how irritating I find the OTT dramas and this one was endless. Too much screeching going on for my liking.

I don’t want to paint it entirely with a black brush however, I did enjoy the performance of Shin Sung Rok a lot, he took a crazy character and ran with him, all the way to touching your heartstrings at times, even though he was clearly the evil guy who needed punishment. Jang Nara was consistent in her portrayal and it’s familiar territory for her so no surprises there. I felt that Choi Jin Hyuk was badly treated, or should I say his character certainly was and it didn’t help the fact that, because they extended the drama, he had conflicts and that led to the problem. There was even a cute little girl who looked like she could have stepped out of the miniature Stepford Wives, a little creepy at times that’s for sure but hey, she did belong to a crazy family, so you know what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree!

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