Finished “Lawless Lawyer”

I’m going to go with a profound meh. It had its moments. Some VERY GOOD moments in fact. But overall, there was too much testosterone for my liking. Too much ridiculous chest-pounding and lapel clutching, and extended breaks so Jun Ki can show off his admittedly impressive martial arts skills.


But in fact, the most intense of these moments was when he was using these skills against the heroine in a heartbreaking scene I will decline to describe. Also Annoying were the band of merry misfits that were around, I suppose, for comic relief but instead kept my eyeroll meter running consistently through the whole drama.

Also some of the plot was extremely contrived (more eyerolls) and at the end of the day, I just really couldn’t respect the storyline. The premise was strong, but it was lazily conceived and plotted, imo.

That said, I did watch it from beginning to end, so that’s a mark in its favor. The heroine was no wide-eyed virginal miss, but her badassery sort of dissipated as the drama dragged on. I think the writers didn’t know what to do with her while trying to keep the focus on Jun Ki. A huge wasted opportunity, imo.

So, like I said. A meh. Watch for Jun Ki, who started out extremely skinny but by the end of the drama was looking very fine. I’m still not sure what the extreme thinness was supposed to be for; it had no role in the story. Watch for a few intense emotional scenes peppering the drama here and there. But overall, you have to suspend your disbelief when approaching the actual storyline, which dissolved into outright ludicrousness at some points.

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