Feel Good to Die – My impressions

Well, after reading Robin’s thumbs up review, I pushed this one up my list and dug right in. I always try to check out his (Kang Ji-hwan’s) dramas and Robin is so right, he hasn’t really made the best of choices in recent times but I’m not giving up on him!!

I’m at Ep 22 and am really loving these shorter episodes. It feels like they are just flying by, the premise was intriguing, and I love dramas that have storylines intriguing enough to want to check out. This one was no different. How bad does he have to be and what does he have to have done in order to make another person wish the worst possible for him I wondered?? And is it so farfetched to think that there are such bosses out there who treat their employees in such a horrible way?

Well, let me just say that he would probably give me nightmares too, LOL! He seems to have no humanity in him at all, but, while I wouldn’t want to work under him I can respect his intelligence, his drive, his efficiency if nothing else, and surely such a character has only one way to go, and that’s up and up and up????

My next question then is, what will be the trigger for him to actually begin the change at all? I love it when a drama makes me curious enough to ask questions!! I don’t know if I will be completely satisfied with the resolution at the end, but I have enjoyed so many moments so far. There were scenes where the reason behind his actions are not the reasons that everyone assumes them to be and I find that refreshing, after all I don’t think I would enjoy it half as much if his path was easy!

I also am enjoying her (Baek Jin-hee’s) portrayal, and you’re right Robin, this actress comes across as strong, determined, kind and resourceful and she does it very well, and I like the fact that they sort of mirror each other in a way, both are on a journey to self-awareness but for totally different reasons. I also like that they’ve given the secondary characters, on the whole, substance and they are not just fillers sitting at the next desk. There is something so satisfying about watching a “work” family in progress isn’t there?

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