The Korean Confession

It never fails to surprise me the reaction we get from characters when one or the other confesses their feelings. It’s obviously a BIG deal and seems to almost equate with a proposal for marriage. I wonder if it’s really like that among the common folk? I mean what if someone really likes you, and wants to confess their feelings, but you’re not that into them? It’s like you have to be honest with them while not only trying to spare their feelings, but also feeling the heavy burden of responsibility because you don’t feel the same way.

I know, I know, it’s a cultural thing, but they seem to take “responsibility” to an unreal and unfair level. Seriously, why am “I” responsible for your feelings, when I haven’t returned them or done anything to make you think that I liked you? It’s almost like making one feel guilty and burdened just for being themselves. I guess they live by the mantra that we are “ our brothers keeper.” They do it a lot in not only love instances, but also in family and work relationships…..and let’s not forget the effect that social media has on them! Sheesh to the 12th degree squared!!