Beauty Inside – Up to Ep 6

Well, having almost lost the chance once, I wasn’t going to lose it twice so as soon as all episodes were available I dived right in!

Ah… it feels sooo good to get caught up from the opening minutes (lately have needed a lot of patience and a number of episodes till I was really committed)… I think probably everyone knows the story line by now since it’s based on a movie (her transformation to another body once a month and his inability to recognize faces) but the opening episode hit you right in the face with it… no real buildup and it was great!

Loved the opening scenes where she’s dressed in a beautiful white Cinderella dress… moving up the stairs to accept a Best Actress award when… boom… she sense change coming and turns around to run out of the theatre… looking very much like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride… LOL! She even manages to lose one very expensive slipper too!! Another scandal to her name.

Admittedly this character is a very familiar one… Ditzy and scandalous actress with a heart of gold who is misunderstood… but this actress is doing a good job of giving her additional layers and I’m quite enjoying her performance. Despite her obstacles she has SPUNK and though Lou Grant doesn’t like spunk… I DO! She can’t stand it when she sees something wrong… for instance when she sees a lecher fondling a poor girl and nobody having the nerve to intervene… she goes in protection mode and tells him where to go… publicly!! She’s got a couple of good friends around her … the typical manager to who looks out for her but also a would-be priest friend she’s known since childhood to help her along. Ahn Jae-hyun is doing a good job in a deadpan sort of way.

Lee Minki… I’m basking just looking at his deadpan face and when he has a glimmer of a smile it’s amazingly attractive. Of course there are familiar vibes from his character from his past drama but I’m ok with that since I enjoy it so much. BTW… he looks great in expensive suits… just saying… Interesting how he handles his handicap… trying to memorize mannerisms or physical details in order to know who he’s talking to… since he doesn’t recognize faces. Kind of sad really when he walks by his own mother. I’m not sure how consistently his disability is handled cause at times I say to myself… wait a minute… how does he know?? But truthfully that isn’t important at all really… I’m very much enjoying his scenes together with our poor girl… crisp dialogue exchanges are a pleasure to watch but you know the strange thing? Even when she’s transformed and it’s another actor in her body… I’m still enjoying the scenes… lol… must be Lee Min-ki’s magic… when you get to watching this… look for the shaving scene… that’s all I’m saying…

Even our “villain” isn’t really a villain… his ambitious and snarky step-sister out to best him at the company… she’s just as cold as he is but the poor girl has her insecurities and in a way we can definitely relate so I don’t think that label even really applies to her… obviously since this is a different type of drama then the rules are different and we don’t need a traditional villain at all. I’m actually fine with that.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how these two people… each with a serious handicap… come together and look out for each other… two soulmates brought together for a purpose and yet to discover a twist that we, the audience, already know.

I’m taking it slowly… as I do when I’m enjoying something… no wish to rush at all… taking the time to savor instead.

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