Finished “Overprotected Kahoko”

Overall, it was cute and fluffy, though by the end my eyeballs were bleeding from the EARNESTNESS, omg!! But honestly it’s mostly me. It just sticks in my craw that people are so nice and understanding to other people who treat them like shit. NO! I like karma! If you behave like an asshole I demand that the universe roll over you like a 8-ton truck! Otherwise I feel unsatisfied and a little resentful, I can’t help it.

But I did like the main couple a lot. Our damaged yet practical hero vs. our puppylike and idealistic heroine. She was too cute and sweet for me to resent her for not being my usual feminist ideal, hahaha. Totally useless, but still valuable in her own way… and willing to improve. I would watch both actors again.


Now what to watch? I’m leaning towards “Fiery Priest” or “Ever Night”? I’ve had good luck with Chinese dramas this year, but Kim Nam-Gil as a hot priest is calling my name too.

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