Haven’t done this for a looong time but

I was just surfing channels a couple of days ago and saw “Jugglers” on the guide along with the word Premiere!  Hmm… I did remember that this was coming up, but I figured that even if it was the same drama it would have no subtitles – well I was wrong! And I like the fact that it’s not a delayed showing either which means I can watch in real time and avoid spoilers, so why not? I will use a bit of patience and pace myself a bit.

I used to subscribe to KBS but then they changed to same day programming and removed all subtitles so I had to drop it.  Thankfully at that time DF and Viki filled the void. I imagine that there must have been real pressure on our local multi-cultural channel from the non-Korean audience to provide this so I’m happy to have found it.

I also found the Filipino version of My Love from the Star but it’s a pale imitation of that excellent drama.

#baek-jin-hee, #choi-daniel, #jugglers